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Stanford Women on Boards Initiative

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    Region: Global
    Members: 1066 Member(s)

    This is a private, internal group used to manage the Stanford Women on Boards Initiative membership list. In order to request membership, please follow the instructions below before clicking to join the group.

    If you have any questions, please contact GSB Women's Programs at

Application Instructions

In order to request membership, please follow the instructions below before clicking to join the group.

1. Update (or create) your Stanford Online Profile 
   a. Login to your Stanford Online Account using your online username and password. (If you have not created a Stanford Online Account, select “Register Now” on this login page. For online account or password help, select ‘Help’ on the login page.)
   b. Once logged in, click "Edit" (or create your profile).
   c. Under the "Personal" tab, confirm your email address is up-to-date.
   d. Under the "Professional" tab, enter your board experience in the "Associations/Boards" section and upload your resume by clicking "Edit" next to your name.
   e. Under the "Interests/Skills" tab, enter your functional, domain, or industry areas of expertise.
2. Click here to complete the New Member Application.
3. Request to join this group by clicking 'Join Group' to the right of this menu. 
We need you to take this step in order to fully process your membership application (which consists of the Stanford Online Account and the New Member Application) for SWB.

Group Actions