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SEP Class of 2012

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    Region: Global
    Members: 145 Member(s)

    This group is for the members of the SEP Class of 2012. The "Group Links" provides ways for us to share what classmates are up to, post conversations to the discussion board, and photos to our gallery.

    If you are interested in being an administrator for this group, please contact the GSB Alumni Relations office.

Let's Keep the Conversations Going!

1. Subscribe to our group's discussion board so you can get posts by email. First select "Discussion Board" (under "Group Links"). Next on the discussion board page, under "Board Actions," choose "Subscribe." And when you post to our classmates, reply to all, that way we can all follow the conversation. Don't want all the emails around the conversation! No problem, when you subscribe choose to "digest daily" or "digest weekly" and you will get all the responses to a post in one email.