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GSB South Asian Community

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    Region: Global
    Members: 49 Member(s)

    This group has been folded into the GSB Asian Alumni Chapter. The GSB Asian Alumni Chapter is a network of GSB alumni of Asian background or those with a deep interest in Asian issues and has over 2,300 members. Please contact the GSB Alumni office if you have questions.

This group has been replaced.

The GSB Asian Alumni Chapter is a network of GSB alumni of Pan-Asian ethnicities: North Asian, East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian and/or affinity. We welcome graduates of the MBA, MSx/Sloan and SEP Programs. Our goal is to develop a global community of GSB alumni to provide mutual inspiration, learning, and support, visible leadership and solidarity around issues of common interest: showcasing career success in different industries, countering the Asian glass ceiling in corporate America, parenting with cross-cultural Asian values, etc and of course just having fun together. We aim to build and leverage this network to enhance the lives of the GSB alumni community, from the GSB experience and thereafter in our professional and personal journeys, by working with the school and beyond.

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