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GSB Pride/Out4Biz - Women Alumnae

Region: Global
Category: LGBT, Women
Members: 31 Members


Women alumnae of the GSB affililiated with GSB Pride (formerly Out4Biz). Whether you were part of GSB Pride/Out4Biz while a student or have affiliated later, you are welcome to join this community.  We hope to keep in touch and have occasional social events to bring us together.

GSB Pride

Region: Global
Category: LGBT
Members: 241 Members


Share information or ask for help from each other about issues of interest to the GSB Gay and Lesbian GSB community (there is also a GSB Pride - Bay Area group). Currently you will find a member list, group discussion board, and photo gallery under the "Group Links." Your group can also have a blog, post documents, and additional web pages but to do so we need an group administrator.
Interested in being an administrator of this group? Contact the Alumni Relations office.

GSB Pride - Bay Area

Region: CA - Bay Area Peninsula
Category: LGBT
Members: 185 Members

Description: LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered) GSB alumni and students in the Bay Area are encouraged to share information or ask for help from each other about LGBT issues of interest. (There is also a GSB Pride Group for all GSB alumni and students). If you have suggestions for this group, contact Barak Ben-Gal, MBA '04 (his contact information is listed in the Alumni Directory.

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