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Vote to Approve new Chapter Bylaws

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Thu, September 16, 2021
09:00PM - 09:00PM
Registration Period:
Mr. Kirk Holmes, MBA '87


The easiest way to support the Bylaws conversion is to give your proxy via email by clicking this link and simply stating that you are giving your Bylaws Proxy



To prepare for the future of the Chapter, we badly need to update the Bylaws that are now decades old.  Please register your approval or disapproval of the new Bylaws by first clicking the "Register" button on this page under the little photo above, then answering the question on approval or disapproval, and continue  (clicking four times) until you get the Registration Confirmation page saying registration is complete. 

On the voting screen, you will be allowed to give your proxy.

Voting is still open until we get enough to change.

Key changes are:

  • Increase from 6 members to maximum of 8 members
  • 2-year terms instead of 1-year terms
  • Staggered Board terms (half of the Board at a time)
  • Revisions to roles and responsibilities
  • Chapter members to elect members of the Board. The Board will then select the roles to be played by specific Board members
  • Allowance for online meetings and remote activities (annual meetings, business meetings, elections)
  • Decoupling elections from an in-person Annual Meeting at the BBSA Conference
  • Miscellaneous changes to quorums and notice periods to allow more Board flexibility

The 13 alumni who participated in these Governance and Bylaws discussions since 2020 believe that these changes will provide a strong foundation for the future of the Black Alumni Chapter.

The event is limited to Business School Alumni.

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