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"Policing Speech in the Internet Age: The Search for Truth, Trust and Accountability," Professor Admati

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Thu, February 25, 2021
09:00AM - 10:00AM
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Time listed is February 25, 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Please ensure you opt to “send email and exit” on the confirmation screen upon completing your registration in order to receive the view link. 

Recent events have illustrated starkly the impact of media and digital platforms on democratic discourse and the challenge of balancing free speech and the rights and duties of individuals, corporations and leaders in the private sector and in government. 

The reaction of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have called attention to the enormous power these platforms wield over public discourse and the distortions caused by their business models, which have focused on maximizing “engagement” metrics and end up giving a huge voice to those encouraging fear, outrage and conspiracy theories. Such topics were brought to light in the recent conference session on Corporations, Media and Truth, and we must continue the discussion to find policy solutions. 

Professor Anat Admati will discuss the issues around content moderation and the "policing" of speech by internet platforms, and allow participants to reflect on the lessons we might draw from current events about our own roles as leaders and citizens.

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