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Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Sleep Better at Night

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Thu, June 11, 2020
07:00PM - 08:30PM
Virtual Event
Zoom call-in number provided on June 10., Seattle WA 98101
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Elizabeth Atcheson, MBA '86

The pandemic has brought uncertainty into the professional lives of so many Stanford alumni. “Is my job secure? Should I be preparing for a job search or career transition?” If these questions keep you up at night, attend this webinar to burnish your LinkedIn profile – your 24/7 “billboard” to the world. Once you optimize your LinkedIn to spotlight your most valuable skills and how you move the needle, you’ll be found by recruiters and hiring managers. And you won’t have to worry about being caught flat-footed if your job does go sideways.

This webinar is not for the beginning or advanced LinkedIn user, but is ideal for those somewhere in the middle – your LinkedIn profile needs some work, you don’t completely understand why LinkedIn is so important, and you need to learn LinkedIn best practices so that you can be selected for interviews and board searches. A recent participant in this webinar wrote afterward: “I am finally happy and proud of my LinkedIn profile and have this class to thank.”

The first hour, 7-8pm, is presentation, followed by optional Q&A from 8-8:30pm. All registrants will receive the PPT as well as a detailed LinkedIn checklist. Many thanks to Elizabeth Atcheson, who is offering this webinar free of charge to Stanford alumni.

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