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Techpact by Stanford Club of Switzerland - QoQa

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Tue, May 26, 2020
04:00PM - 04:45PM
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Mrs Priyanka Sharma Wahl

The Stanford Club of Switzerland - SCOS - is pleased to present the second in a series of events entitled 'TechPact by SCOS.' The goal of the series is to give participants quick insights into the imPACT of TECHnology on our lives. After a scheduling change, Pascal Meyer, the founder of QoQa, will be speaking with us on the topic "Virtually engaging and inspiring communities." Qoqa is a unique website that offers a new product every day for 24 hours in a limited number of copies - ranging from sports cars to luxury watches to paintings by Picasso. 

Pascal stands out for his creative, avant-garde, and free spirit. With the creation of his company QoQa in 2005, he overturned all the classic concepts of online sales. He made a bet with his former marketing professor that he could get this company going without running a franc in his pocket and, above all, without traditional marketing.

At QoQa, there are no customers. QoQa identifies itself as a community site that shares the latest bargains and ideas with its “followers” every day. QoQa enables its community to exchange information - whether positive or negative - about the products in a totally transparent manner.

It's the QoQa community that motivates Pascal Meyer's team day after day to move forward. After Qsport, Qwine, Qkids and Qooking, the Swiss entrepreneur and his team of Millenials are preparing new ways in which to engage and support local entrepreneurs to spice up their sales in these uncertain times. 

This event will be virtual - and last about 45 minutes including Q&A.

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