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Up Close and Personal With Quantum: Private Small Group Dinner with Prof Dimitris Angelakis

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Mon, January 20, 2020
07:00PM - 09:00PM
No Menu Resturant, Private Dining Room
23 Boon Tat Street, Singapore, Singapore 069621
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Registration Period:
S$70, paid at the restaurant. Cancellations within 48 hours of Jan. 20 must cover the cost.
Mr. Rohit Beri

January 20th, 7pm
Private Room at No Menu Restaurant
23 Boon Tat Street

The promise of quantum computing is a profound disruption at all levels: it will change how industries work, help solve society’s biggest challenges and fundamentally alter people’s interpretation of reality. Governments and Corporations are equipping themselves to participate in the quantum race. It’s based on a completely new understanding of reality and deployed through new technological assets running a new set of algorithms. 

To introduce us to this fascinating world, we invite Professor Dimitris Angelakis for a private intimate session session to discuss the progress of Quantum technology and its applications in today's landscape.

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