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Stanford GSB DC Salon: Corporations, Power, and Democracy

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Mon, January 27, 2020
06:30PM - 08:30PM
Hoover Institution in Washington
1399 New York Ave NW #500, Washington DC 20005
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$25 (includes dinner)
Ms. Amita Shukla

Corporations, Power, and Democracy: A Discussion with GSB Prof. Anat Admati (moderated by the Honorable Sarah Bloom Raskin)

As corporate power and influence continue to re-shape the pillars of our democracy, how can we, as citizens, consumers, voters, employees, and leaders, help ensure that they are wielded to serve society rather than the interests of a few at the cost of the many?

The Stanford GSB DC Salon invites you to an intimate conversation with GSB Prof. Anat Admati on the dynamic interplay between corporations and democracy in America and around the world today. Since our prior events on Corporations and Society, and Rethinking Corporations and Capitalism, Admati has continued her tireless work in raising awareness and advocating for change through diverse avenues including an HBR piece on "How Business Schools Can Help Restore Trust in Capitalism," a GSB course on "Is the Internet Broken?" that led to her credits as a Senior Technical Advisor for HBO's hit series, Silicon Valley (and a cameo appearance in the final episode), and an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSRI) special volume on “Realizing Democracy” titled "Other People's Money," among others.

Admati concludes the SSRI piece by saying: "We do not have to choose between capitalism and socialism or between markets and big government. Rather, we must work to create a system in which corporations can thrive without distorting the economy and democracy, and in which governments write and enforce proper rules for all. Better education on the issues would be a good start. It is up to all of us." We hope you join us for this thought-provoking evening to discuss how we can each help build and sustain a healthy democracy.

The event is limited to Business School Alumni.

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